Eagle’s Nest Scouting Report

I only worked 4 hours today for some reason, so I took advantage of it, and bolted from work at 1PM to southern Illinois where the bald eagle nest is that I’ve photographed for the last 3 seasons. I wanted to find out if the eagles would return to this same nest again. They have! I saw 1 eagle when I got there, incubating the eggs (sitting on them in the nest). She just kind of looked around a bit. Not much else happening.

Oh! As I was walking down the road in my work attire on my way to the nest, in my London Fog trenchcoat (I looked like a businessman walking on the side of the road), a couple of attractive women in an SUV stopped because they thought I was broken down somewhere, but then they saw the binoculars around my neck, and realized what I was there for. They too were investigating eagle nests in the area. And wouldn’t you know it, I forgot to give them a business card! Darn!

It looks like the DNR have been prepping the eagle blind too. They’ve built a second viewing platform higher up on the hill, so you get a clear view over the platform below it. They still need to build steps into the hill so people don’t kill themselves trying to get up the hill to the blind. Oh well. At least they’ve built us this little viewing platform. 🙂


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