Bald Eagles In Batavia

So I got my rear end out of bed at 6AM on my day off, so I could go to a small business networking meeting at 07:30 at a small town restaurant. Glad I did! There were at least 20 people there! I found this group on a few months ago. It’s been small groups until today. Anyway, normally I’d go to these things and talk about my nutrition products, but today, I only talked about my photography. Would you believe I had 4 people ask me to do their portraits?!

Now I’ve been studying for a long time about how to use speedlights on location to enable me to do portraits outdoors and still have nice fill light when necessary. I don’t want to do it half assed. I want my work outdoors to look as good my indoor work looks. I’ve been considering expanding my portrait work to “on-location” portrait work this spring and summer. So I guess this meetup thing is a great idea for me. If anyone needs a portrait and wants to find out more, email me! nightowlphoto(at)


So then I had planned to go check out a site in Batavia that a customer at Calumet told me about yesterday. He said there were a few eagles that you could see on an island in the middle of the Fox River out there. On my way there, I drove past this full size dutch style windmill! I pulled into the parking lot, got out and took some shots. Helped a guy fix his camera, who was there taking shots with a point and shoot. He told me where to find Sandhills in Batavia. Then I continued on to the eagles. I went, I saw, they flew away out of site. LOL! But they’re there! Rumor is, they have a nest somewhere nearby, but I didn’t see a nest anywhere yet.
Then I proceeded to the site where the that guy told me I’d find Sandhills. So I found it ok (Thanks to GPS in my phone. I love my GPS.) At first I thought the guy was nuts, because all I heard was about a thousand geese. But then I heard a faint Sandhill call. I searched and searched, scanned the tall grass, and then about 500 yards away, 2 Sandhills took off and flew out of site. Sandhills in the middle of winter. Who’da thought?
For more images follow this link:

2 comments on “Bald Eagles In Batavia

  1. Rebecca says:


    I had to smile when I saw the picture of the Windmill. You must have been at Fabyan Woods,.. I got married there in the Japanese Tea Garden. Which, if memory serves me correctly, is a bit south of the Windmill on the opposite side of the river. I thought perhaps you might want to check it out, it might be a great photo opportunity.


  2. Becky says:

    Hiyas! Love the pic of the windmill – and in black n white. Very artistic photograph. Sounds like you had an interesting day. 🙂

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