Galleries Updated – The Banshee Photoshoot

Kindred Spirits InvestigationsI did a creative photoshoot tonight with a model and friend revolving around the mythical “banshee”.  It was a shoot specifically done to create 2 logos for a friend of mine.  The logo’s are included in the gallery.  Special thanks to my friend and model, Kat Bajorek, for freezing in the cold so I could get this project completed. 



Travel BansheeThis project was my first attempt at doing “on location” work with Nikon Speedlights as my only light source.  It was after dark, in an outdoor setting, with a tempurature of about 40 degrees.  Kat’s backyard worked wonderfully for the theme I needed.  I used 2 SB800’s on stands with umbrella’s, and an SB900 as a back fill light.  I fired the Speedlights with my build in “commander mode” in my D300.  Controlling power for each flash using group settings.  A very convenient feature that I’m sure I’ll learn to appreciate in the future.  Due to being outdoors after dark though, I struggled with focusing on the model, and not all of my shots were in focus.  (They were deleted of course.)  All in all, I’m happy with the results of my first attempt at this type of photography, but any constructive criticism is appreciated too. 


More of this shoot can be found here:


Photography Training – Photographing An Eagle’s Nest

Today was my day off this week, and the weather appeared to be co-operating, so I made the 2.5 hour trip south to photograph my favorite eagle’s nest.  I arrived about 10AM, which I realized was pretty late.  I’ve never made the trip prior to DST kicking in, so the sun was high in the sky when I got there instead of just peeking over the trees on the hill behind me.  The best light at this site is in the morning as the sun comes over the hill behind you when you’re sitting at the eagle blind. 

So there was 1 eagle, I presume it was the female, in the nest when I got there, but you could barely see the top of her head.  I believe she is incubating eggs at this point.  Anyway, I got all setup, took a seat for a while, and watched through my binoculars.  Nothing was happening, so I decided to work on a project that I’ve been considering for some time now.  I got out my video camera, and began filming myself for a tips and tricks video.  You can view it in this blog entry.  I welcome your comments on this video.  It’s a new thing for me, and I was sort of nervous at first.  I hope it is helpful to some of you. 


A couple of people stopped by for a short time, but still nothing was happening.  At one point, we saw the male approach the nest, perhaps to say “honey I’m home”, but when he got near, the female replied with a “get lost” screech and he flew away never to return during my stay. 

I was there for a total of about 4.5 hours, and saw no real activity.  I think that while the eggs are incubating, the nest will be quiet of activity.  Once the babies hatch, the adults will be hunting quite frequently to feed them, so my next trip will probably be towards the end of March.