Bristol Renaissance Faire

I’ve been attending Bristol Renaissance Faire since it was called King Richard’s Renaissance Faire.  For a few years, I’ve submitted photographs to the marketing team at Bristol Renaissance Faire for use in their advertising.  I did so again this year, and soon you may start to see some of my photographs in their marketing material, like in todays email blast that went out to their email list from their website.  A photograph that I took last year of the joust is what they included in todays email.  The email was to advertise their Easter 2 for 1 Special, which can be found here:

If you’ve never been to Bristol Renaissance Faire, you should go!  It’s tons of fun!  Click the link above for dates.  The link below included my galleries from Bristol Renaissance Faire as well as other faires.




One comment on “Bristol Renaissance Faire

  1. […] to Richard Nagle, the photographer behind Night Owl Photography. Richard mentioned the special in a blog post about some of his photographs being using in the Faire’s promotional […]

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