Eostre Sunday at Morton Arboretum

Today I was suppose to go to a family gathering.  The gathering was a 3 hour drive, and I woke up an hour late this morning.  Then my insulin pump ran out of insulin so it took me extra time to reload it, and it just took me forever to get ready to leave.  At the moment I was about to leave, I got an important phone call that took a half an hour.  So at that point I decided not to make the trip, because I would have been 1.5 hours late anyway, and still had to make the drive home the same day too. 

So I ended up going to Morton Arboretum to do some birding.  I hadn’t been birding since last summer, so it was very nice to have a beautiful day to do it.  Hearing all the bird calls, all the chirping, seeing so many different species in 1 day.  It was nice.  I listened to the wind a while, listened to the birds, went for some nice walks through the prairies, and took some photographs.  A wonderful day, even though it wasn’t with family. 

wordpress-mortonarboretum-eastersunday_04122009006I saw 3 turkey vultures soaring overhead, and got a nice clear picture of one.  I saw a red tail hawk kettle up to about 1000 feet, and then start a dive at some prey from at least a half mile away and 1000 feet up which was really cool, but my 200mm lens just wasn’t long enough to capture that.  I saw a cute little ground squirrel darting around in the dead leaves and grass of one of the prairies.  Oh! And I got a picture of a tree swallow in flight!  I don’t know if you know what a tree swallow is, but they’re these little birds that dart around in the sky as fast as lightning.  It’s hard enough just to track it with your camera, but it’s even harder to actually capture them with a camera.  I did it though!  Been trying to capture one of those birds mid flight for 4 years.  I also stopped to take some photos of the blooming daffodils. 

So anyway, another thing of note is when I saw all of the after church people going for walks at the arboretum.  A family of 4 was walking, and they had a daughter that looked about 8 years old, with a DSLR, in a cute little summer dress, taking pictures of daffodils.  She was so serious about it, I wanted to snap a few pictures but didn’t want to scare her parents.  They were yelling for her to hurry up, and I wanted to yell back at them that they can’t hurry an artist.  LOL! 

There are only a few pictures that I chose to keep from the days photos, but you can view them at the link below.  Make sure to check out the image labeled “Hidden Within”. 



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