Memorial Day

On Memorial Day weekend, Sunday after work, I headed for my dads place in eastern Illinois.  The trip down I80 sometimes produces lovely sunsets as did this trip.  The sunset changed as it progressed and I stopped for some “roadside photography” twice along the way.  (“Roadside Photography” was my second choice for a business name when I started my photography business.)

On Memorial Day we joined my Uncle Barry at the Rock Island National Cemetery to visit my aunt Betty’s grave. She was a navy wife to my uncle Barry for his entire 20 year naval career, which affords her the same honors and burial rights that my uncle Barry has earned. I’ve been to this cemetery to see her before, but my father hasn’t. He was glad to finally know where she rests. I also showed him where his 2 WWII war hero uncles rest in the same cemetery, which he never knew before. I wanted to create a video while I was there, and have linked it below. Please watch it, reflect, and remember those who have given their life for our freedom.



Tuesday my dad and I ventured out into the countryside to take photos. We went out to take pictures of barnes, but I didn’t care for the lighting. It was about to storm and the lighting was just very blah. So I threw out most of my barn shots. We did however stop at a farm to visit with one of dad’s friends. I took a couple shots there that I’ve posted in my black and white gallery. Also took some photos of the farm animals. I was blessed again to watch 2 birds mating on a power line. *chuckle* Even got a photograph of it this time.




One comment on “Memorial Day

  1. rachelmazza says:

    Wow, that video was amazing. All those heroes remembered.
    I love that Evanescence song too.

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