Featured Photo – Brittney

I wanted this months featured photo to showcase my studio work, and it was really hard to decide “which” studio photo to use, because I have so many favorites.  This months featured photo is a studio portrait of a model named Brittney.  I’ve worked with Brittney on numerous occasions, and as you will see from the photo below, she is a beautiful model, with gorgeous eyes, and a lovely smile.   I chose this photo because I have always liked how her eyes grab your attention in this photo, and how she chose a sweater color that matches her eye color.  Not to mention her lovely figure. 

My photography business was actually started on the basis of doing portrait work.  I had never done portrait work in the past, and had to teach myself the basics.  I had no friends to ask for instruction from, and my mentors from my youth had never really worked with studio equipment.  So I bought a few books, did a lot of reading, did a lot of searching on the internet, then called on some friends to be my models to help me learn.  Brittney has always been there when I needed a model for a new photoshoot idea.  I started out using Smith Victor continous lights, which I’m sure Brittney will remember, were quite bright, and very warm.  Then after about a year of using those for studio work, I upgraded to JTL 160 strobes, which offer much more flexibility at a low price point.  I’m sure they were also a relief to Brittney since she no longer had to pose under 500w tungsten continous bulbs.  So over time, my studio photographs improved, and this photo is from my last shoot with Brittney a little over a year ago.  I hope you like it.

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If you’d like to see more of Brittney, you can find images of her in my portfolio.