Bristol Renaissance Faire Photos 2009

I took many photos at the Bristol Renaissance Faire last weekend.  I was there on Saturday for the last 2 hours, and all day Sunday.  I came home with aching calves and an aching shoulder from my camera, lens, and flash being so heavy.  As said in the 13th Warrior, I must “grow stronger”.  *grin*

Every year I walk around taking photos of friends, fantastikals, and maybe the joust.  This year though, I wanted to expand what I photograph, so I was trying to photograph on a theme.  That theme being “street life”.  I took photographs of many things that I normally don’t.  I like the results, and I hope you do too.  I still got many candids, portraits, and fantastikal pictures too though. 

Speaking of the fantastikals, as you look through my 2009 Bristol gallery, try to find the 2 instances of “faerie magic” that I created.  Here’s a big hint, they’re in photos with the bubble faerie. 

bristolrenaissancefaire_07192009-062I also realized last weekend, that one of the images I sold to Bristol got printed in the Bristol Renaissance Faire program that’s handed out at the gate.  That was pretty exciting to discover.  It’s something I can put on my photography resume. 

So most of you already know the URL, but for those of you who don’t, here it is.  I hope you enjoy the galleries.  Please leave comments on the images if you like them!





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