More Bristol Ren Faire Pictures 2009

Another update to my galleries for the Bristol Renaissance Faire 2009 season.  This week I’ve uploaded images of the Royal Joust, The Swordsmen, Barely-Balanced, Fantastikals, and my normal candid portraits.  Images from previous weeks have been moved into their corresponding galleries within my ren faire section of my site. 

606693199_nSDrC-MRight away on Sunday morning I raced down the Joust field so I could make sure to get a spot along the fence to take some good unobstructed photographs.  Not many people attended the first joust though, so it wasn’t a problem anyway.  Photographing action subjects is one of my favorite things to capture.  I think I got some good action shots.


606697031_q9qka-MSo before the Joust ended, I raced over to the stage where Dirk & Guido were to perform.  Got a front row seat, and I was set.  Guido did some great posing for me, and even twirled his sword at my lens for a quick moment.  Luckily, I was ready, and caught it for you to see here.  (The picture you see to your right.)  I haven’t watched their show in a few years I think.  It was nice to kinda get back to my roots of why I used to come to faire every weekend.  Got some portraits and action shots of Dirk and Guido.


606700939_e8H4i-M So after Dirk and Guido, I stayed put so that I could photograph Barely Balanced.  I’ve never actually seen their show since the girl joined the troupe.  It was a great show to be sure, with lots of hidden inuendo that the parents could understand, but the children couldn’t.  Nice.  Their show was quite fun to watch, especially when one of the patrons they dragged on stage tried to steal the show.  Reminded me of an Animaniacs episode where they were making fun of Klingons (Cling-Ons.  Check out the picture gallery and you’ll get it.)


The rest of the day was just spent like any other day at faire with my camera.  Taking random candids.  Like the one below.  Check out the link at end of this post for all of the latest images.  Enjoy!






One comment on “More Bristol Ren Faire Pictures 2009

  1. merlyn9 says:

    Sweet Shots Rich… Especially that one of Guido!
    Good story too… Keep up the nice work.

    Oh, Diane & I will be at Faire Next week Saturday (08Aug09)


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