Press Release: American Bald Eagle Calendar 2010

For immediate release:

American Bald Eagle Calendar

Night Owl Photography Releases 2nd Annual
Quad Cities Eagles Calendar


Suburban Chicago, IL – 25 Sep 2009 – Midwest area photographer Richard Nagle of Night Owl Photography has published his highly anticipated second annual Quad Cities Eagles Calendar for 2010 on, the online market place for digital content. 

 Mr. Nagle spent many of the coldest winter days of 2009, in warm weather gear, photographing eagles, when everyone else was inside staying warm.  Through many hours of editing, composing, and writing, Mr. Nagle created next years high demand calendar in plenty of time to purchase for the holidays. 

 Sheila Johnson says “You know we have a house full of Eagle stuff!! So of course he had to have your calender!”

 Mr. Nagle’s Quad Cities Eagle Calendar is composed of photographs taken entirely in the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois.  Mr. Nagle’s ability to capture moving eagles, and literally freeze them in time is stunning.  Magazine worthy images mark each page of his calendar.  The Quad Cities Eagles Calendar is not just a collection of images though.  Unlike most self published calendars, Mr. Nagle has added his own personal touch to each of the images, by including month titles and eagle facts on each months images.

 Mr. Nagle says “I’ve been photographing the American Bald Eagle on the Mississippi Riverway in the Quad Cities for many years now, and I’ve finally learned enough about eagles, photography, and light, to be able to get the images I want.  This calendar is my American Bald Eagle portfolio for your home, for a steal of a price.”

 Mr. Nagle’s calendar can be ordered at at the following link:

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Richard Nagle is sole proprietor and owner of Night Owl Photography.  Richard learned his craft from his father, and godfathers as a young teen.  Richard’s favorite tools of the trade are his Nikon D300, and his Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Lens.  Night Owl Photography can be located online at


Quad Cities Eagles Calendar for 2010

calendar2010-june-blogThis years Quad Cities Eagles Calendar is a collection of my American Bald Eagle images taken entirely in 2009, in the Quad Cities region of Iowa/Illinois.  If you’re someone who likes my eagle photography, this is the best way for you to get a collection of my best eagle images for 1 cheap price.  I try to make my calendars stand out from others that you see online, by adding eagle facts, trivia, and other information to the calendar pages.  I also name each image with it’s corresponding month, so that it’s easily noticable.  Some of the images in this calendar have never been seen in this form before, so you’ll be getting something really unique from me.  After you click the link below, you’ll be able to preview the calendar pages on the Lulu website.  I hope you like it. 

If you have friends, family, or know anyone who might like a copy of my calendar, please feel free to cross post the link to my blog, or the direct link to the calendar.  I’d really love your help in getting the word out for this years calendar, since I’ve gotten it done in plenty of time for Christmas, and the new year.  Thanks for your help everyone!

Bristol Renaissance Faire 2009 – Final Day

BeautyOn Labor Day, I spent my last day at the Bristol Renaissance Faire this season.  It was the final day of the faire for the 2009 season.  Bristol rennies received sad news this day, as one of our own, Vernon Lind (Uncle Ho, a nickname for Sir Horatio) suffered a stroke, and passed away this day.  When I was informed of his passing, my knees became week and I sat and wept for a moment.  Then I realized that if Vern saw me weeping on the last day of faire, he’d bitch slap me into having a good time.  So I stood up and vowed to have a good time that day. 

I spent only half the day photographing, and finally had the opportunity to photograph 2 models that I’ve been trying to photograph all year at faire.  One of those photographs you can see here to the left.  I also photographed some random shots of people throughout the morning. 

The afternoon was spent carousing, as I’m sure Uncle Ho would have wanted me to.  I had meade and rum at faire, for the first time this season.  I joked, and played at Tuscany, as I’ve done in previous years, and it was good and necessary.  I then went to drum jam to take some video, and finally went to the Friends of Faire garden for a memorial service for Uncle Ho.  I was a little late, and it ended shortly after I got there, but everyone stuck around in the garden for a while.  We all did a lot of hugging and sobbing, and there were many tear wiped eyes. 

So then I drove home, and what’s normally a 1.5 hour drive, became a 3 hour drive.  I was emotional off an on all the way home.  I wept as much as when my own uncle passed away a few years ago.  My roommate was waiting for me when I got home because she knew something was wrong, and she stayed up a while with me and let me talk, and share my memories of Uncle Ho with her.  We sat on the patio, as we often do when we need to talk, and to my shock and amazement, . . . a bright, . . . large, . . . vibrant, shooting star streaked across the sky behind Jen’s head.  I’m convinced it was Uncle Ho saying goodbye.  I heard you Uncle Ho! 

I hope you enjoy the few photographs that I have for this final weekend at Bristol Renaissance Faire.



Photo of the Month – “Missing”

One day a few years ago, I was walking along the Riverwalk in Naperville with my camera, when I saw a young girls baseball cap hanging from a tree limb.  It was hanging at about 4 feet high.  I looked around for who it might belong too, and didn’t see anyone nearby.  That surprised me, so I started walking around quickly, looking for a young girl, or a girl and her parents, but still, there was no one.  Suddenly, I got this sick feeling in my stomach.  What if this hat were left behind by a girl who was whisked away against her will?  Why would she have hung it there and left it by choice?  Who hung it there?  What happened that would cause her to leave it behind like this?  So many more thoughts went through my head, but something made me take a photo too.  On my way home from the Riverwalk that night, I decided to call the photo “Missing”.  I considered using the title “Amber Alert”, but decided against it.