Photo of the Month – “Missing”

One day a few years ago, I was walking along the Riverwalk in Naperville with my camera, when I saw a young girls baseball cap hanging from a tree limb.  It was hanging at about 4 feet high.  I looked around for who it might belong too, and didn’t see anyone nearby.  That surprised me, so I started walking around quickly, looking for a young girl, or a girl and her parents, but still, there was no one.  Suddenly, I got this sick feeling in my stomach.  What if this hat were left behind by a girl who was whisked away against her will?  Why would she have hung it there and left it by choice?  Who hung it there?  What happened that would cause her to leave it behind like this?  So many more thoughts went through my head, but something made me take a photo too.  On my way home from the Riverwalk that night, I decided to call the photo “Missing”.  I considered using the title “Amber Alert”, but decided against it. 




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