Quad Cities – Bald Eagle Days Art Show!

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Bald Eagle Days Art Show

Night Owl Photography & Jonathan James Moore Photography
Present the first annual Bald Eagle Days Art Show!!! 

mississippieagles-lockndam14_01082009_056-photoshopCambridge, IL – 5 Nov 2009 – Midwest area photographer’s Richard James Nagle of Night Owl Photography and Jonathan James Moore of Jonathan James Moore Photography have announced their first annual Bald Eagle Days Art Show to occur January 23rd, 2010 at the home of Nick & Judie Moore in Cambridge, IL.  There are many area “Bald Eagle Days” in January, which is our favorite subject to photography, and why we’ve chosen this title for our show.  

Mr. Nagle and Mr. Moore spend many of the coldest winter days outside, photographing eagles along the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois.  They’ve captured numerous outstanding action photos of the majestic American Bald Eagle.  These photos, as well as other sunset, nature, wildlife, and portrait photography will be featured as part of the Bald Eagle Days Art Show.  

Kathy Stinson says of Mr. Nagle: “Rich is a fantastic photographer. I bought some of his eagle photos for my father’s birthday and he just loved them. I am giving him this calendar for Christmas. He has a such great eye for detail. You will not be disappointed!” 

Mr. Nagle says: “Jonathan took me out for the first time to photograph the American Bald Eagle many years ago, and I was hooked from the start.  Ever since then, we’ve made it a tradition to go out at least a few times each winter to try to capture these majestic birds with our cameras.  We’re happy to share our experiences with you in our photographs.” 

The Bald Eagle Days Art Show will be on Saturday, January 23rd, 2010 from 10AM – 4PM.  It will be hosted at the home of Nick & Judie Moore at 326 South Ridge Street, Cambridge, IL  61238.  Refreshments will be available. 


Richard Nagle is sole proprietor and owner of Night Owl Photography.  Night Owl Photography can be located online at http://www.nightowlphotography.com/

Jonathan James Moore is sole proprietor and owner of Jonathan James Moore Photography.  Jonathan James Moore Photography can be found online at http://jonathanjamesmoore.smugmug.com/


Sandhill Crane Migration @ Jasper Pulaski

Sunday I had planned on going to Jasper Pulaski State Fish and Wildlife Area in Indiana, to see the annual sandhill crane migration, but when I woke up Sunday morning, I was dissapointed to see a cloudy sky.  Damn you weatherman!  I didn’t expect to go, so I wasted time, waiting to see what the sky would do, and it started to break up.  Then I checked the radar, and the raw weather data, and determined that it would be sunny by the time I got there if I left at that very moment.  So I threw my stuff together and rushed out the door. 

I got there and was shocked at how many people were there.  Standing room only on the observation deck, so I took up a spot along the fence in the grassy field below the deck.  So for those of you who don’t know about this, sandhill cranes migrate through Indiana every fall, and about this time of year, it’s not unheard of to see 10,000 birds all at once in this fish & wildlife area, . . . at sunset.  For some reason, they all appear in this huge field, at sunset.  Then at sunrise, they leave again.  What they’re doing is feeding in the cornfields by day, and bedding down in this huge field at night, along with the deer.  There are hundreds of deer in this field as well.  It’s a unique sight of nature, that you can view, in your own back yard if you live in the midwest.  Only 2 hours from Chicago. 

My intent was to take some video clips, so I could share this experience with you, and to get some nice silhouette photographs.  Mother nature was on my side weather wise, and it was a beautiful warm SUNNY day in November.  I think it got up to 70 degrees today.  As the sun set, some horizon clouds began to appear, which made the sunset beautiful.  Exactly what a photographer wants to see in a setting like this.  It was pretty awesome. 

Enjoy the video, and I hope you like the pictures at the end of the video too. 

Todd Gustafson – Capturing the Decisive Moment

A few weeks ago, I had requested Saturday afternoon off, so I could sit in on a class that our store was hosting, taught by Todd Gustafson.  My boss didn’t give me the afternoon off, but he did say I could sit in the class and assist Todd for the duration of the class.  When to work this morning though, he says he wants me to assist the morning class too, so I should just spend the day in the classroon.  Cool.

 The first class was a free macro class with an often published photographer named David Fitzsimmons.  I’d never met him before, but he put on a good class, and the students all gave him really high praise after the class too. 

Todd Gustafson’s class started in the afternoon, and it wasn’t really a class so to speak, it was him showing us numerous slideshows of his images, telling stories surrounding them, and the importance of being able to “Capture the Decisive Moment”, and how that makes your image have “pow” factor.  He presented his slide shows in such a way that it showed how you can get started in your own back yard, then expand to nearby forest preserves, then expand to Wisconsin or Michigan, then to Florida or the southwest, and on, and on, and on, until you reach Costa Rica (check out the video below), or Africa.


Oh!  He told a story of a picture he has of a guerilla, where the guerilla was watching him prepare the shot, and when he finally snapped the shutter, the guerilla slapped it’s hand to his own forehead, and then threw his head back like he was playing dead.  How does that happen?!  Neat story I thought.  Someday I’m going on one of his guided tours, I swear it.

 (P.S.  At the store, we have the image to my left printed in about 18 x 40 or so.  This little representation just can’t do it justice, but you can get an idea of it.  This is the most amazing image I’ve ever seen.  Period!  I drool over this image.  He took this image with a D3, and a 600mm Nikkor lens, from a boat, at ISO 6400.  Shocked?  I was.  Nikon rules!!!) I’ve never seen so much of his work before, and I’m even more of a fan now that I have.  What’s really neat, is that I learned today that he’s a musician too, and he plays stuff like Louie Armstrong with is band.  *shakes head*  Wow.  Todd is such a down to earth guy, and I highly recommend checking out his webpage and this video.


I met a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer today!

So today I go to work at the camera store, like I do 5 days a week, but today was a bit different. First of all, we’re in the middle of our 70th Anniversary Sale right now, so there are vendors in the store, to present their product lines to our customers. (And to train us when the store isn’t packed full of customers.) When I arrived today, I went over to talk to the Leica rep who I already knew, and introduced myself to the Think Tank rep. When I was done talking to the Leica rep the woman from Think Tank (who makes camera bags, designed by photographers) asked if she could go through the Think Tank product line with me. Any time I get a chance for training, I take it, so of course I said yes. Through the conversation, I realize that her photo is the one that’s on every Think Tank bag you purchase, and that she is a co-founder of Think Tank Photo. I finish my training and go back to work. Later I ask her for her business card, which says she’s a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist! What?! I just met a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer?!?!

Her name is Deanne Fitzmaurice, and in 2005, she won the Pulitzer for a photo essay about a 9 year old Iraqi boy who was nearly killed in an explosion, and his battle to survive as doctors in California tried to restore him to health as he got used to life in the United States. (click here to see the photo essay)

Later in the day, when the crowd had thinned a little in the store, I got to go talk to her again, and asked her about photojournalism. Something I’ve been interested in ever since I saw the webpage of a young photojournalist (a customer at the camera store) who does weddings throughout the summer months, to fund her trips to 3rd world countries for her passion, photojournalism. She had some amazing images, the likes of which I had never seen before. Which of course got me interested in that type of photography, but it’s something I still don’t quite understand yet. So to be able to talk to a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist was a treat to say the least.

So tommorrow will hopefully be another enjoyable day at work, as I’m suppose to get to sit in on a class with National Geographic photographer Todd Gustafson, as his assistant. That is if the boss doesn’t renig on the deal. Wish me luck!