Night Owl Photography Art Show Was A Success!

Well, my art show today was a success!  We actually had guests nearly all day long! Only 1 break of about a half an hour with no one there.  Since I’m a nature photographer, I chose to set the tone with some music from native american music artists like Robert Mirabal, Johnny Whitehorse, and Mark Thunderwolf.  I’d like to thank Kindred Spirits Intuative Arts Center, The Fox River Academy of Music and Art, and everyone who came to the show.  For those of you who wanted to be there, but were instead home sick, or with sick kids, I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with illness and hope you feel better soon. 
I had a good selection of the many aspects of my nature photography on display.  I discovered that the most popular were: 
I did a lot of mingling, catching up with people I haven’t seen in ages, met some new people who were quite literally walk ins, and had a really great time.  I also discovered from a fellow local area artist that you can get free advertising for an art show in this area!  Now to start preparing for my next art show. 
Thanks again to everyone who stopped by.

First Bald Eagle Photo Trip Of 2010

So on Sunday 03 January 2010, I went for the first photo trip in search of bald eagles on the Mississippi River.  When my dad and I arrived that day, I think the temp was 0 degrees Fahrenheit, with a wind chill of about -15.  I was in what I call my “arctic armor”, which is basically wool hunting socks, thinsulate lined hunting boots, longjohns from neck to ankle, camo pants and shirt, wool gloves, wind proof hunting coat, a snug fitting winter beanie, and a neoprene ski mask.  (Which by the way heats your face with your own breath.  It’s amazing.)  So anyway, that’s my cold weather gear which I call artic armor. 

I’ve heard so many people at the camera store I work at talk about their cameras or batteries not working in this kind of weather, but I think they’re all crazy, because my camera works like a charm in this sub zero weather.  No problems with focusing or with batteries.  Even the view screen worked fine.  I use a D300 with a battery grip, and a 70-200 to shoot eagles.  Both work like a charm in frigid weather.

Since it was a Sunday, there were lots of photographers there, lots of amatuers too.  Plus the general families that just come to see the eagles with binoculars.  The guy who baits the eagles was there too, which he often is on weekends.  I forgot about that.  Not a fan.  I have moral problems with baiting anything I photograph.  Just don’t believe in it.  If you can’t improve your craft enough to get a shot without baiting, you don’t deserve the shot at all.  So I stayed AWAY from the baiting area for the entire day.  Funny thing is, I’d camp out in a spot, . . . wait . . . and when the eagles would start hunting near me, the ametuers would rush over to where I was to try to get shots, then the eagles would fly away.  *shakes head*  Reminder to self, for the rest of the season, only photograph eagles at LD14 on weekdays.  *grin* 

So for this first trip, I didn’t get any really good hunting shots of the eagles with talons open about to grasp a fish.  Instead I got a lot of nice close-ups of eagles flying overhead with fish in their talons.  I had a couple of shots that were kinda silhouettes, so I did some weird creative stuff with those.  Anyway, I hope you like the new shots in the gallery.

PBS “Nature” series on the American Bald Eagle

I discovered this link to a series of videos on the American Bald Eagle created by the PBS series called “Nature”.  It’s pretty good stuff.  It’s a full hour long episode though, plus lots of other bald eagle videos.  So be ready for that.  This isn’t of course original content, but I thought it worthy of sharing with you, my readers.