Scented Gary Fong Lightspheres?

So today at the camera store that I work at, a co-worker was showing a customer speedlight diffusers. After showing the customer a few different options, he reached for the Gary Fong Lightsphere. He took it out of the box and handed it to the customer, who immediately “sniffed” the lightsphere. With a puzzled look, my co-worker asked something like “what . . . does it smell good”? Then he suggested that all Gary Fong Lightspheres should be scented. He thinks cinnamon would be a good scent for a lightsphere. LOL! Now my thoughts are that since the Lightspheres look like tupperware, the scents offered should be food flavored. So what would your favorite scent be?! Comment with your thoughts. LOL!

On another note, a few days ago at the store, I was talking to a regular customer via phone who I’ll call “Fred”, and Fred told me about his last trip to Lock and Dam 14 in Iowa to photograph eagles. He said that while he was there, he was talking to another photographer who I’ll call “Tom”, that he met there, and that my name came up because they both know me from the camera store. Tom told Fred about my eagle photography, and Fred for some reason was not yet aware that I took eagle photos. Later in the conversation, I mentioned my website @, and then he said he’s seen my website and that he DOES know my eagle photography. Just another example of a total stranger who’s seen my website, didn’t remember my name, but remembered my brand. This is a direct result of the social networking I do, because Fred and I had only ever talked a couple times at the store, yet somehow, my website was presented to him somewhere online, and he clicked on it. It’s kinda cool when you know it’s working . . . . .


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