Just a random update . . .

I was hired last week by Bristol to do some PR shots for them for a run in the Kenosha News this week.  So on July 4th, I went to Bristol to do the shoot.  Still not sure exactly when though.  I photographed the Queen and a new character for this year.  Grab the paper to see!  🙂  After I arrived though, I realized something impossible happened on my trip there.  I didn’t encounter ANY CONSTRUCTION!  In Chicago.  Where the rule of thumb, is that the shortest distance between two points is . . . under construction.  It’s 90 miles from my home in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, to the Bristol Renaissance Faire.  No construction.  Amazing. 

I’m about to start working on uploading all of my favorite Bristol images from over the years into a gallery on my website.  It’s hard to pick favorites though.  I’ll update you all again once I’m done.  I’m also going to add more images to my photoshop gallery soon. 

Today at work (I work at a camera store), one of our regular customers GAVE ME a Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens!!!  It’s an old manual lens from the 70’s, but it’s 50mm and it’s 1.4.  It’s been collecting dust and he wanted to give it away, but to someone who would appreciate it.  I was dumbfounded, and am thrilled at being the lucky recipient of his generosity.  I’ll be sending him a boatload of good karma, that’s for sure.  The lens is a little rough to focus, but it works great otherwise.  You have to use the aperature ring to change the f-stop, and it’s manual focus, but I love that.  Can’t wait to try it out as a portrait lens at faire. 


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