Bristol Renaissance Faire Photos – Medieval Photo Alchemy

Over the summer, I’ve been attending Bristol Renaissance Faire, and working on a new gallery on my website that I call Medieval Photo Alchemy.  I call it this, because in trade rags, when you over photoshop an image into a different type of art, they call it “photo alchemy”. Some of the images in this gallery are from last year at Bristol, but most of them are from the 2010 season.  This is a gallery of images that I have photoshoped into more than just a photograph.  I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying new photoshop techniques over the summer, and I think I’ve developed a style of my own from all the practice.  It all started by trying to mimc the “Dave Hill” effect.  Still haven’t figured that one out, but along the way, I’ve been able to accomplish some pretty cool techniques.  I’ve also learned some techniques from Calvin Hollywood, and from a local photographer who I respect a great deal, Michael Barton.


So I think the hundreds of hours of watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, browsing forums, and following instructional websites, may have paid off? I guess not having a social life can pay off in some ways?! 🙂 If you’d like to see the full gallery, just click on one of the images above to go there. I hope you enjoy them.


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