Steampunk Victorian Ball – Absinthe Minded Professors

Thursday evening last week, I covered the Steampunk Victorian Ball for the Absinthe Minded Professors.  It was a challenging event shoot for sure.  It was in Milwaukee, which isn’t my favorite city to drive in, but it wasn’t hard to find.  Finding my way home was a nightmare though.  Anyway, I arrived a bit early to try to see what the venue would look like in advance of having to start shooting.  It was a wonderful venue, with beautiful accent lighting, a nicely lit stage, and photos were turning out great.  Shortly after the show started though, for some stupid reason, they turned on a nasty yellow work light that flooded the whole venue with ugly yellow light, and threw off my camera’s metering for the rest of the evening.  It ruined the mood of the “ball” too.  Oh well, with a little work in post, the pictures turned out ok. 

Absinthe Minded ProfessorsSteampunk

So the steampunk costumes and garb were incredible. I really wish I had the money to create a costume for myself. Many people dressed in Victorian era clothing, but one guy actually had created from scratch, a set of folding wings that would activate by hand control, and were mounted to a gear box on his back which was VERY steampunk.

Overall, the Steampunk Victorian Ball at the Hyde Bar in Milwaukee on 26 Aug 2010 was a big success. An incredible steampunk turnout, with music, stories, fire, acrobats, Tesla coils, electricity, and most importantly, steampunk enthusiasts. The Absinthe Minded Professors danced, mingled, and put on an incredible show for this considerable crowd of steampunks.

The Absinthe Minded Professors combine victorian science fiction storytelling and classical music in a bizarre fusion that evokes a gritty future past that never was, popularly known as “Steampunk.” Drawing on historical seeds of nineteenth century history Joshua Safford creates strange fantasy that is colored by Mich Regier’s textured strings warping the classics. Both these artists are veteran performers of the Renaissance festival circuit, having toured the country, as individual artists as well as being part of bands and performance troupes for over fifteen years. Both have been involved in performance projects historical and surreal.

For booking information please follow the link below:


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