Bristol Renaissance Faire Pictures – Labor Day 2010

2010 was a good year at Bristol Renaissance Faire for Night Owl Photography.  I was able to attend much more often that I was able to last year, and got some incredible photographs of rennies, actors, and performers.  I took a journey into photo alchemy, and achieved some success in developing new photoshop skills.  When I started the season, I wanted to do something different, something that would elevate my photography, and make people say “wow, how did he do that”.  I think I can safely say I accomplished my goal.  🙂 

The last day of the Bristol Renaissance Faire in 2010 was an active day for me.  On Labor Day at Bristol, I was running all over the faire, taking action shots, courtly shots, portrait shots, just everything.  I took over 1000 pictures, most of which were auto-shutter photos, that got deleted anyway.  So after picking out all the “good ones”, I edited those 1000 shots down to about 230.  Of those, I picked a handful to perform some medieval photo alchemy on, and have posted those in my Medieval Photo Alchemy gallery on my website.  Below are some examples for you:

Bristol Renaissance Faire 2010
(click photos to see gallery)

The Charm of a

I’d like to find out what you think of the 3 new courtly pieces in my gallery (the first 3 in the gallery). I’m not sure I like them, but that usually means everyone else will love them. So please comment on the photos with your opinions, even if you don’t care for them. Oh! You’ll notice that under each photo is a button for “liking” each photo on either Twitter or Facebook. If you’d like to share the images with your friends list, just click the buttons. 🙂

The photo above is definately my favorite photo of the day, after having worked it up in Photoshop. It’s a combination of so many different effects, and it turned out wonderfully. There’s Dave Hill, Dragan, textures, grain overlay, and more. This will be one I print for my home I think.

And this photo is of my friend Kirk, who is an avid drummer at drum jam, and for various belly dancers around the faire. At this moment, he was drumming for my friend Heather who was dancing behind me when I took this shot. I think maybe he saw me point my lens at him, because he stayed with that pose while drumming for quite a few seconds, as if to pose for me. Thanks Kirk!!!

One of the joys of posting these in this gallery, is coming up with the titles for them. I’ve never been one to title my images, but I wanted to do that for this gallery. I’ve discovered that the thesaurus is your friend when working on titles for your images. Sometimes I get a little goofy with my titles, like the image called “Renaissance Hustle”. *grin*

Anyway, I hope you like the new images and my Medieval Photo Alchemy gallery. Enjoy!!!


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