The word is getting out there . . .

I’ve been getting quite a few friend requests from people on Facebook, who specifically ask to be on my list, so they can see photos they’ve been told about by friends.  It’s nice to know that people are so interested in seeing my photography, that they go looking for me.

Venom the Crone<br>www.nightowlphotography.comOne of those friend requests was from a gentleman who teaches Photoshop and Digital Storytelling at Marquette University in Milwaukee.  That was pretty cool.  I asked him to check out my Medieval Character Study gallery and tell me what he thought of my summer project in Photoshop, and he said he was pretty impressed, especially with “Venom the Crone”.  A pretty cool thing to hear from a university instructor.  Another friend asked me to do some Photoshop work on a special photo for her family, that she’ll use on a memorial DVD she’s creating for a passed loved one. 

I’ve already looked into becoming certified in Photoshop, and the weird thing is that when I looked at an example cert test, the questions I didn’t know the answers to were mundane questions about pallettes, and brushes, and keyboard shortcuts.  I could answer the advanced questions, but not the easy ones!  I think I might still do this soon though.  That would be a certification that might actually help me a get a cool job years down the road.  In the mean time though, I have a BIG Photoshop project brewing in my head.  One that might take me months to complete.  More on that later. 

Oh, and the other day in my website stats I got the weirdest hit on my website.  Someone Google’d “richard nagle princess leia”.  Sometimes my Google stats amuse me.  🙂


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