Texture & Treasure Hunt

Today I went on a texture hunt.  Now, you might wonder what that means?  It means that I went out with my camera, taking pictures of boring things no one would ever take pictures of, . . . . . unless . . . . . you’re an avid Photoshop artist.  Textures are used to make pictures look more interesting.  Textures can be pictures of brick, stucco, gravel, bushes, wood chips, etc.  When used properly in Photoshop, they enhance the appearance of an image.  Like the one below:


So while I was out on my texture hunt, I walked past an antique shop. I walked past lots of shops today, but the antique shop called to me. Guess what I found in that shop? Antique Nikkor prime lenses! What a treasure to stumble upon! I can’t afford them right now, but they are affordable, and they’ll work on my camera. I just hope they don’t get sold before I can buy them. There was a 58mm micro, and a 105mm micro, as well as some wide angle primes which would be perfect for fall foliage this year.



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