A busy day . . .

Soul StarWhew! Busy day. Ran tons of errands today, many of which were in preparation for an upcoming art show. Watch for news about where and when.  The show will be in the first weekend in December.

So anyway, now I’ve got my prints, my mattes, my calendars, and need to get busy assembling everything. I’m still waiting on my business cards, and still want to get some postcards printed.  Thinking about getting a banner done too.  I’d like to start doing shows more frequently. 

I’m proud of myself that a Logan 450 matte cutter I’ve been coveting for about year, was NOT purchased today even though it was 25% off at Blick Art Supply. Boy I want that thing though. I have this weird desire to matte and frame my own images instead of paying someone else to do it. It feels like it would mean so much more to do it all myself.


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