Christmas Weekend

I drove the Quad Cities on Thursday, with plans to photograph eagles. That morning, I set out and at about 11AM, I encountered a super thick ice fog. I could barely see to drive. Had the sun not been shining through the ice fog, I wouldn’t have been able to continue. So this lasted for about 45 minutes or so. At some points, traffic almost stopped due to lack of visibility. It was kinda weird. It was also annoying because the forecast said nothing about an ice fog, and it said the sun was suppose to be out. I arrived at the eagle site around 1PM, to find ZERO eagles. I was shocked. So I went to 2 other locations where I found 2. This was odd for late December. I set out again on Saturday, after the snow storm, and again found ZERO at the main site. This time I went to 3 other sites, and found a total of about 10. Again, very odd. Finally on Sunday I went to the main site, and found about 4 eagles there, but they weren’t moving. There were many eagles flying upriver, but they weren’t landing. Just circling high above. I was there for over an hour, and never saw an eagle dive for fish. I don’t know where they went, because I’ve seen photographs from other photographers from that site this year? I guess I’ll try again later. ūüôā

I did encounter some new bird species today though. More to add to my life list. I saw a handful of Greater Scoups in breeding colors, and some Canvasbacks. One of my favorite waterfowl species is the Hooded Merganser, and there were a handful of them too.




Fine Art Photography?

ÔĽŅ”Night Owl, doing fine art photography?¬† Really?”

Well, I’m starting to at least.¬† I’m not really sure it qualifies as fine art, but that’s where everyone else¬†classifies things that don’t fit any other mold, so I’ll play along too.¬† Anyway, here is an image from the gallery.¬† Click the image to follow it to the whole gallery.¬† Right now I’d call the gallery the “Industry” gallery I think.¬† I dunno?¬† Tell me what you think of the gallery.¬† Is it fine art?¬† Do you like the images?¬† To much photoshoping?¬† Does the photoshoping enhance the images, or degrade them?

I’ve also uploaded a few new sunsets.¬† Hope you like them.¬† This one I captured while stalking a sunset on the way from one family gathering to another on the weekend after Thanksgiving.¬† I just spent a good half hour removing those power lines from the image, and then when I looked at it full size again, I didn’t like it with the power lines removed.¬† D’oh!¬† I don’t know why, but I really like this sunset.¬† Maybe because it’s so different with the silhouette of the railroad gate?¬† Anyway, click through the image to go to the full gallery.

American Art Glass Showroom

Today I made my first really substantial sale of a nature/wildlife print.¬† It was a bald eagle photograph.¬† I’ve had nature/wildlife prints in a couple of retail locations for some time, and today, at the American Art Glass Showroom in Naperville, IL, I sold the image below for $200.¬† My largest single sale to date!¬† The print was a 20×30 print, double matted and nicely framed in a simple oak frame¬†at 24×36.¬† Special thanks to the American Art Glass Showroom for their efforts in making this sale happen.¬† To see more of Night Owl Photography’s work, visit them at 605 E. Odgen Avenue #2, Naperville, IL¬† 60563.¬†