Spectral and Paranormal Trick Photography

This is a collection of my paranormal images I’ve CREATED over the years. No they’re not real ghosts. Oh yeah! Orbs are donkey balls! Holy crap people, let go of your orbs. They aren’t ghosts!!! They’re reflections caused by the burst of light your flash creates. *shakes head* Oh! And EMF doesn’t attract ghosts, it explains why your brain thought you saw a ghost. If you’re getting an EMF reading, that means whatever you see, isn’t real! People who tell you that using a Vandegraf Generator will attract ghosts are . . . well, they’re wrong. All that’s going to do is give you a headache, and make you see things that aren’t there, just like LSD would. Would you take LSD so you could see a ghost?! Don’t be a sucker. Don’t believe any photo or video you see. I’ve fooled the best of paranormal investigators with my trick photography and photoshoping. Only sceptics will find real ghosts, because believers will believe ANYTHING. Sceptics will rulle out everything, so that the only explanation for what they saw, is the real thing.

Some of you may recognize some of the images in this slideshow as being from Resurrection Cemetery, which as you know, is famous for Resurrection Mary. All of those images were created with trick photography, NOT with photoshop. There’s zero photoshoping in those images. Those images could have been created with a 30 year old camera, and ISO 800 film.


Galleries Updated – The Banshee Photoshoot

Kindred Spirits InvestigationsI did a creative photoshoot tonight with a model and friend revolving around the mythical “banshee”.  It was a shoot specifically done to create 2 logos for a friend of mine.  The logo’s are included in the gallery.  Special thanks to my friend and model, Kat Bajorek, for freezing in the cold so I could get this project completed. 



Travel BansheeThis project was my first attempt at doing “on location” work with Nikon Speedlights as my only light source.  It was after dark, in an outdoor setting, with a tempurature of about 40 degrees.  Kat’s backyard worked wonderfully for the theme I needed.  I used 2 SB800’s on stands with umbrella’s, and an SB900 as a back fill light.  I fired the Speedlights with my build in “commander mode” in my D300.  Controlling power for each flash using group settings.  A very convenient feature that I’m sure I’ll learn to appreciate in the future.  Due to being outdoors after dark though, I struggled with focusing on the model, and not all of my shots were in focus.  (They were deleted of course.)  All in all, I’m happy with the results of my first attempt at this type of photography, but any constructive criticism is appreciated too. 


More of this shoot can be found here: