American Art Glass Showroom

Today I made my first really substantial sale of a nature/wildlife print.  It was a bald eagle photograph.  I’ve had nature/wildlife prints in a couple of retail locations for some time, and today, at the American Art Glass Showroom in Naperville, IL, I sold the image below for $200.  My largest single sale to date!  The print was a 20×30 print, double matted and nicely framed in a simple oak frame at 24×36.  Special thanks to the American Art Glass Showroom for their efforts in making this sale happen.  To see more of Night Owl Photography’s work, visit them at 605 E. Odgen Avenue #2, Naperville, IL  60563




Naperville Little League Baseball Photos!

Today I had the day off.  A Saturday.  Without requesting it.  So for days I’ve been trying to decide what to do on my Saturday off.  I wanted it to be something that I could ONLY do on a Saturday.  At the last minute I finally thought of something.  I could go photograph little league baseball!  I love photographing kids sports, but never get to because of my job.  So I went to Knock Park in Naperville, where I knew there would be little league games happening. 

It was a cloudy day, so I boosted my ISO up to 400 to get extra shutter speed, set my camera to A mode, and went to work.  I was eager to see how well my lens performed after being adjusted recently.  I was very happy with my shots at f2.8 and f4.  Nice and sharp, with beautiful boca.  I haven’t shot my 70-200 at those low aperatures ever since I got the lens because they were always soft.  After being adjusted, they’re suddenly wonderful! 

I’m hoping to be contracted by a studio that I like and respect, to photograph some little league games soon.  If I can work it out with my schedule.  I’ll have to do some negotiating with my boss.  Anybody have kids in spring sports in the Chicago region who want me to photograph them?

American Art Glass Showroom

American Art Glass Showroom is located at 605 East Ogden Avenue in Naperville, IL.  Why am I blogging about this?  Because Night Owl Photography has been asked by the American Art Glass Showroom to display my photographs in their showroom, along with other local artists!  I have a single large print of an eagle at 24 x 36 displayed, as well as a variety of smaller 11 x 14’s.  About 6 to 8 photos I think?  There’s also feather and jewelry art from “The Naked Parrot” on display, and a couple of other artists too.  Soon, I’ll be displaying even more photographs in yet another retail location.  The Kindred Spirits Intuitive Arts Center in Oswego will have a few of my prints to display in their large log cabin meeting room soon.  And in January, I’ll be a featured artist for the Fox River Academy of Music and Arts art show.  (More info to come on these last two topics.)

American Art Glass is a business that creates custom window art for your home.  Here is an example of some of their work.  They also sell stained glass art in their retail showroom, and offer stained glass classes there in the evenings.  It’s a neat little store with lots of stuff to see.  You should go check it out!  Tell them Night Owl sent you! 

American Art Glass Showroom