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An Artist Never Sleeps

Last week, I decided to move my blog BACK to WordPress from Blogger.  On Blogger, I never really appeared as high in search results as I did on WordPress.  Plus, I think the WordPress blog is a cleaner look and feel for the reader.  So anyway, I’ve been working on the new setup which includes adding links to a lot of my friends and families blogs or websites.  I’ve been trying to find dead photo links and correcting or removing them.  I’ve also given my blog a name.  I sat here for quite a while trying to think of an appropriate name, but nothing seemed to fit all the types of photography and art that I enjoy.  Then suddenly a J. Geils band song popped into my head, and so now I have a name for my blog.  What do you think?  Is it lame?  Cool?  Just blah?  Help me out with your opinion.  Thanks!

Night Owl Photography Art Show Was A Success!

Well, my art show today was a success!  We actually had guests nearly all day long! Only 1 break of about a half an hour with no one there.  Since I’m a nature photographer, I chose to set the tone with some music from native american music artists like Robert Mirabal, Johnny Whitehorse, and Mark Thunderwolf.  I’d like to thank Kindred Spirits Intuative Arts Center, The Fox River Academy of Music and Art, and everyone who came to the show.  For those of you who wanted to be there, but were instead home sick, or with sick kids, I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with illness and hope you feel better soon. 
I had a good selection of the many aspects of my nature photography on display.  I discovered that the most popular were: 
I did a lot of mingling, catching up with people I haven’t seen in ages, met some new people who were quite literally walk ins, and had a really great time.  I also discovered from a fellow local area artist that you can get free advertising for an art show in this area!  Now to start preparing for my next art show. 
Thanks again to everyone who stopped by.

Night Owl Photography Art Exhibit

Press Release!

For Immediate Release:
Night Owl Photography Art Exhibit
The Nature Photography of Richard Nagle

Suburban Chicago, IL – 31 Dec 2009 – Midwest area photographer Richard Nagle of Night Owl Photography announces the first Night Owl Photography public art exhibit at the Kindred Spirits Intuative Arts Center, and in conjunction with the Fox River Academy of Music & Art’s public art exhibit.

Mr. Nagle travels the midwest photographing the nature and wildlife we have right in our own back yards. All of the photography featured in the exhibit has been captured within a few hours of the Chicagoland area. Mr. Nagle endeavors to capture the decisive moments in nature, that ensnare the heart and soul of those who view his work.

Kathy Stinson says “Rich is a fantastic photographer. I bought some of his eagle photos for my father’s birthday and he just loved them. He has a such great eye for detail. You will not be disappointed.”

Mr. Nagle’s photography varies in subject matter from American Bald Eagles on the hunt, to majestic fire sunsets, to dramatically gleamed plants and flora, to backyard birds and wildlife. His photographic eye was gifted to him through his parents and grandparents. Everyone in his family has the gift of art in some way. He learned photography on a completely manual 35mm SLR, and grew up in the darkroom with his father and 2 godfathers. They harnessed his gift, developed it, and then released him into the world, armed with a camera. It wasn’t until his mid 30’s, when he discovered the digital SLR that he rediscovered his gift and created Night Owl Photography.

The Night Owl Photography Art Exhibit will be held from 12PM – 6PM on Sunday January 17th, 2010 at Kindred Spirits Intuative Arts Center / 4025A Route 34, Oswego, IL 60543.

* * * * *

Richard Nagle is sole proprietor and owner of Night Owl Photography. Night Owl Photography is based in the far western suburbs of Chicagoland. Much of my photography is based on nature and wildlife in the midwest, however I also do portrait and event photography. I specialize in photographing the American Bald Eagle. Night Owl Photography can be located online at

Kindred Spirits Intuative Arts Center is a self discovery center developed to assist you in finding your truth, which is already within you. Through classes workshops or individual sessions, you can develop your skills and abilities and expand your understanding of who you are. Kindred Spirits can be found online at