Spectral and Paranormal Trick Photography

This is a collection of my paranormal images I’ve CREATED over the years. No they’re not real ghosts. Oh yeah! Orbs are donkey balls! Holy crap people, let go of your orbs. They aren’t ghosts!!! They’re reflections caused by the burst of light your flash creates. *shakes head* Oh! And EMF doesn’t attract ghosts, it explains why your brain thought you saw a ghost. If you’re getting an EMF reading, that means whatever you see, isn’t real! People who tell you that using a Vandegraf Generator will attract ghosts are . . . well, they’re wrong. All that’s going to do is give you a headache, and make you see things that aren’t there, just like LSD would. Would you take LSD so you could see a ghost?! Don’t be a sucker. Don’t believe any photo or video you see. I’ve fooled the best of paranormal investigators with my trick photography and photoshoping. Only sceptics will find real ghosts, because believers will believe ANYTHING. Sceptics will rulle out everything, so that the only explanation for what they saw, is the real thing.

Some of you may recognize some of the images in this slideshow as being from Resurrection Cemetery, which as you know, is famous for Resurrection Mary. All of those images were created with trick photography, NOT with photoshop. There’s zero photoshoping in those images. Those images could have been created with a 30 year old camera, and ISO 800 film.


Where should I host my photos?

There are many sites all over the internet that will allow you to post photos and share them with the world. There are less that allow you to price your photos and sell them as a pro. When I did my research a few years ago, I picked SmugMug to host my photos. They’ve never dissapointed me. SmugMug has the best support team of any company I’ve ever done business with. Simply the best. (Cue Tina Turner song.) They have more help pages than I can even remember. They have an active community. Most importantly, the photos look outstanding when displayed on SmugMug, and the prints look just as good when you order them. I can’t say enough good things about SmugMug, for hassle free, customizable, professional image hosting.





Bristol Renaissance Faire Photos – Medieval Photo Alchemy

Over the summer, I’ve been attending Bristol Renaissance Faire, and working on a new gallery on my website that I call Medieval Photo Alchemy.  I call it this, because in trade rags, when you over photoshop an image into a different type of art, they call it “photo alchemy”. Some of the images in this gallery are from last year at Bristol, but most of them are from the 2010 season.  This is a gallery of images that I have photoshoped into more than just a photograph.  I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying new photoshop techniques over the summer, and I think I’ve developed a style of my own from all the practice.  It all started by trying to mimc the “Dave Hill” effect.  Still haven’t figured that one out, but along the way, I’ve been able to accomplish some pretty cool techniques.  I’ve also learned some techniques from Calvin Hollywood, and from a local photographer who I respect a great deal, Michael Barton.

Rival Suitorswww.nightowlphotography.com

So I think the hundreds of hours of watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, browsing forums, and following instructional websites, may have paid off? I guess not having a social life can pay off in some ways?! 🙂 If you’d like to see the full gallery, just click on one of the images above to go there. I hope you enjoy them.

Great Horned Owl Baby Age Progression

I visited the great horned owl nest again on Wednesday of this week, to discover the baby out of the nest, and up high in the tree.  It’s feathers had started to turn from the grey we’ve seen in the past, to the rich brown of a mature bird.  I’m not sure if the little guy flew up where he was perched, or if he walked up the branches.  My guess is that he flew the short distance to practice his flying for the first time.  The locals all said that it was the first time they had seen him leave the nest.  It was a beautiful day, with a blue sky, although it was quite windy.  It made for great pictures though.  The only drawback is that the sun was quite harsh for lighting.  I arrived late in the day around 4PM thinking it wouldn’t be so harsh, but I was wrong.  Oh well?!  🙂 

A security guard stopped to check out the owl when he noticed he wasn’t in the nest.  He told me a story about seeing one evening, a coyote scratching at the base of the tree with the nest, and the mother swooping in to attack the coyote.  The coyote ran off yelping as the owl made all kinds of “god awful” sounds in her attack.  Man, I wish I could have camped out there overnight just once to see the mother or father.  I never did get to see them. 

Today I received word that Bubo has left the nest and the nesting tree, and that no one could find him in nearby trees or perched anywhere else.  Could he have fledged the nest so early?  So early after branching for the first time?  The parent owls usually keep caring the the fledglings for up to 10 weeks.  I hope Bubo does well!  It’s likely that Bubo will not return next year, although his parents might.  So enjoy the video and the photographs.












And now I’d like to take a moment to thank both Sue and Tsumi. Tsumi for being the liaison between his roommate Sue and I, and Sue for arranging security access to the nesting site for me so that I could photograph Bubo. Thanks to both of you!










Featured Photo – Brittney

I wanted this months featured photo to showcase my studio work, and it was really hard to decide “which” studio photo to use, because I have so many favorites.  This months featured photo is a studio portrait of a model named Brittney.  I’ve worked with Brittney on numerous occasions, and as you will see from the photo below, she is a beautiful model, with gorgeous eyes, and a lovely smile.   I chose this photo because I have always liked how her eyes grab your attention in this photo, and how she chose a sweater color that matches her eye color.  Not to mention her lovely figure. 

My photography business was actually started on the basis of doing portrait work.  I had never done portrait work in the past, and had to teach myself the basics.  I had no friends to ask for instruction from, and my mentors from my youth had never really worked with studio equipment.  So I bought a few books, did a lot of reading, did a lot of searching on the internet, then called on some friends to be my models to help me learn.  Brittney has always been there when I needed a model for a new photoshoot idea.  I started out using Smith Victor continous lights, which I’m sure Brittney will remember, were quite bright, and very warm.  Then after about a year of using those for studio work, I upgraded to JTL 160 strobes, which offer much more flexibility at a low price point.  I’m sure they were also a relief to Brittney since she no longer had to pose under 500w tungsten continous bulbs.  So over time, my studio photographs improved, and this photo is from my last shoot with Brittney a little over a year ago.  I hope you like it.

 Night Owl Photography
Photo of the Month



If you’d like to see more of Brittney, you can find images of her in my portfolio.