Press Release: Quad Cities American Bald Eagle Calendar 2011

For immediate release:

Quad Cities American Bald Eagle Calendar 2011

Night Owl Photography Releases 3nd Annual
Quad Cities American Bald Eagle Calendar


Suburban Chicago, IL – 21 Nov 2010 – Midwest area photographer Richard Nagle of Night Owl Photography has published his highly anticipated third annual Quad Cities American Bald Eagle Calendar for 2011 on, the online market place for digital content. 

 Mr. Nagle spent many of the coldest winter days of 2010, in cold weather gear, photographing eagles, when everyone else was inside staying warm.  Through many hours of editing, composing, and writing, Mr. Nagle created next years high demand calendar in plenty of time to purchase for the holidays. 

American Bald Eagle

 Sheila Johnson says “You know we have a house full of Eagle stuff!! So of course he had to have your calender!”

 Mr. Nagle’s Quad Cities American Bald Eagle Calendar is composed of photographs taken entirely in the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois.  Mr. Nagle’s ability to capture moving eagles, and literally freeze them in time is stunning.  Magazine worthy images mark each page of his calendar.  

 Mr. Nagle says “I’ve been photographing the American Bald Eagle on the Mississippi Riverway in the Quad Cities for many years now, and I’ve finally learned enough about eagles, photography, and light, to be able to get the images I want.  This calendar is my American Bald Eagle portfolio for your home, for a steal of a price.”

 Mr. Nagle’s calendar can be ordered at at the following link:

For a limited time, use code “CALENDARVIP305” during checkout for 40% off!!!

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Richard Nagle is sole proprietor and owner of Night Owl Photography.  Richard learned his craft from his father, and godfathers as a young teen.  Richard’s favorite tools of the trade are his Nikon D300, and his Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Lens.  Night Owl Photography can be located online at


Bristol Renaissance Faire Pictures – Labor Day 2010

2010 was a good year at Bristol Renaissance Faire for Night Owl Photography.  I was able to attend much more often that I was able to last year, and got some incredible photographs of rennies, actors, and performers.  I took a journey into photo alchemy, and achieved some success in developing new photoshop skills.  When I started the season, I wanted to do something different, something that would elevate my photography, and make people say “wow, how did he do that”.  I think I can safely say I accomplished my goal.  🙂 

The last day of the Bristol Renaissance Faire in 2010 was an active day for me.  On Labor Day at Bristol, I was running all over the faire, taking action shots, courtly shots, portrait shots, just everything.  I took over 1000 pictures, most of which were auto-shutter photos, that got deleted anyway.  So after picking out all the “good ones”, I edited those 1000 shots down to about 230.  Of those, I picked a handful to perform some medieval photo alchemy on, and have posted those in my Medieval Photo Alchemy gallery on my website.  Below are some examples for you:

Bristol Renaissance Faire 2010
(click photos to see gallery)

The Charm of a

I’d like to find out what you think of the 3 new courtly pieces in my gallery (the first 3 in the gallery). I’m not sure I like them, but that usually means everyone else will love them. So please comment on the photos with your opinions, even if you don’t care for them. Oh! You’ll notice that under each photo is a button for “liking” each photo on either Twitter or Facebook. If you’d like to share the images with your friends list, just click the buttons. 🙂

The photo above is definately my favorite photo of the day, after having worked it up in Photoshop. It’s a combination of so many different effects, and it turned out wonderfully. There’s Dave Hill, Dragan, textures, grain overlay, and more. This will be one I print for my home I think.

And this photo is of my friend Kirk, who is an avid drummer at drum jam, and for various belly dancers around the faire. At this moment, he was drumming for my friend Heather who was dancing behind me when I took this shot. I think maybe he saw me point my lens at him, because he stayed with that pose while drumming for quite a few seconds, as if to pose for me. Thanks Kirk!!!

One of the joys of posting these in this gallery, is coming up with the titles for them. I’ve never been one to title my images, but I wanted to do that for this gallery. I’ve discovered that the thesaurus is your friend when working on titles for your images. Sometimes I get a little goofy with my titles, like the image called “Renaissance Hustle”. *grin*

Anyway, I hope you like the new images and my Medieval Photo Alchemy gallery. Enjoy!!!

Steampunk Victorian Ball – Absinthe Minded Professors

Thursday evening last week, I covered the Steampunk Victorian Ball for the Absinthe Minded Professors.  It was a challenging event shoot for sure.  It was in Milwaukee, which isn’t my favorite city to drive in, but it wasn’t hard to find.  Finding my way home was a nightmare though.  Anyway, I arrived a bit early to try to see what the venue would look like in advance of having to start shooting.  It was a wonderful venue, with beautiful accent lighting, a nicely lit stage, and photos were turning out great.  Shortly after the show started though, for some stupid reason, they turned on a nasty yellow work light that flooded the whole venue with ugly yellow light, and threw off my camera’s metering for the rest of the evening.  It ruined the mood of the “ball” too.  Oh well, with a little work in post, the pictures turned out ok. 

Absinthe Minded ProfessorsSteampunk

So the steampunk costumes and garb were incredible. I really wish I had the money to create a costume for myself. Many people dressed in Victorian era clothing, but one guy actually had created from scratch, a set of folding wings that would activate by hand control, and were mounted to a gear box on his back which was VERY steampunk.

Overall, the Steampunk Victorian Ball at the Hyde Bar in Milwaukee on 26 Aug 2010 was a big success. An incredible steampunk turnout, with music, stories, fire, acrobats, Tesla coils, electricity, and most importantly, steampunk enthusiasts. The Absinthe Minded Professors danced, mingled, and put on an incredible show for this considerable crowd of steampunks.

The Absinthe Minded Professors combine victorian science fiction storytelling and classical music in a bizarre fusion that evokes a gritty future past that never was, popularly known as “Steampunk.” Drawing on historical seeds of nineteenth century history Joshua Safford creates strange fantasy that is colored by Mich Regier’s textured strings warping the classics. Both these artists are veteran performers of the Renaissance festival circuit, having toured the country, as individual artists as well as being part of bands and performance troupes for over fifteen years. Both have been involved in performance projects historical and surreal.

For booking information please follow the link below:

Naperville Little League Baseball Photos!

Today I had the day off.  A Saturday.  Without requesting it.  So for days I’ve been trying to decide what to do on my Saturday off.  I wanted it to be something that I could ONLY do on a Saturday.  At the last minute I finally thought of something.  I could go photograph little league baseball!  I love photographing kids sports, but never get to because of my job.  So I went to Knock Park in Naperville, where I knew there would be little league games happening. 

It was a cloudy day, so I boosted my ISO up to 400 to get extra shutter speed, set my camera to A mode, and went to work.  I was eager to see how well my lens performed after being adjusted recently.  I was very happy with my shots at f2.8 and f4.  Nice and sharp, with beautiful boca.  I haven’t shot my 70-200 at those low aperatures ever since I got the lens because they were always soft.  After being adjusted, they’re suddenly wonderful! 

I’m hoping to be contracted by a studio that I like and respect, to photograph some little league games soon.  If I can work it out with my schedule.  I’ll have to do some negotiating with my boss.  Anybody have kids in spring sports in the Chicago region who want me to photograph them?

Great Horned Owl Baby Age Progression

I visited the great horned owl nest again on Wednesday of this week, to discover the baby out of the nest, and up high in the tree.  It’s feathers had started to turn from the grey we’ve seen in the past, to the rich brown of a mature bird.  I’m not sure if the little guy flew up where he was perched, or if he walked up the branches.  My guess is that he flew the short distance to practice his flying for the first time.  The locals all said that it was the first time they had seen him leave the nest.  It was a beautiful day, with a blue sky, although it was quite windy.  It made for great pictures though.  The only drawback is that the sun was quite harsh for lighting.  I arrived late in the day around 4PM thinking it wouldn’t be so harsh, but I was wrong.  Oh well?!  🙂 

A security guard stopped to check out the owl when he noticed he wasn’t in the nest.  He told me a story about seeing one evening, a coyote scratching at the base of the tree with the nest, and the mother swooping in to attack the coyote.  The coyote ran off yelping as the owl made all kinds of “god awful” sounds in her attack.  Man, I wish I could have camped out there overnight just once to see the mother or father.  I never did get to see them. 

Today I received word that Bubo has left the nest and the nesting tree, and that no one could find him in nearby trees or perched anywhere else.  Could he have fledged the nest so early?  So early after branching for the first time?  The parent owls usually keep caring the the fledglings for up to 10 weeks.  I hope Bubo does well!  It’s likely that Bubo will not return next year, although his parents might.  So enjoy the video and the photographs.












And now I’d like to take a moment to thank both Sue and Tsumi. Tsumi for being the liaison between his roommate Sue and I, and Sue for arranging security access to the nesting site for me so that I could photograph Bubo. Thanks to both of you!






Absinthe Minded Professors at Steam Century Mystery (A Steampunk Event)

A couple of weeks ago, I was hired by a couple of Chicago based performers to photograph them at a Steampunk event in Rockford, IL.  They are called “The Absinthe Minded Professors”, and they are a storytelling duo who perform at Steampunk events in and around Chicago, consisting of Joshua Safford (the storyteller), and Michi Reiger (the violinist).  The steampunk event was called “Steam Century Mystery” and was held at the Midway Village Museum in Rockford, IL.  It was a very cool live action mystery event, based in an historic 18th century town, complete with hotel, blacksmith, church, schoolhouse, and much more.  It was my first Steampunk event, and won’t be my last.  I enjoyed both photographing the event, and the creative photoshoping, or photo alchemy, that occured afterwards.  Below are some of the images from the event, as well as links to the local Steampunk blogs and websites where you can find out more about The Absinthe Minded Professors. As always, click on the pictures to take you to the galleries where you can find more.

Absinthe Minded ProfessorsSteampunk

Absinthe Minded ProfessorsSteampunk

Absinthe Minded ProfessorsSteampunk

Great Horned Owl and Osprey Nest Updates

Last Thursday I was able to revisit the great horned owl nest that I photographed a few weeks earlier.  The baby had grown quite a bit in those 3 weeks for sure.  The weather was nice, but the sun was on the other side of the tree when I arrived because I needed to go in the morning.  I still didn’t get to see the mother though.  I even walked the trails around the nest to look for her roosting somewhere nearby, but only found a multitude of other birds instead. 

So the little guy that the locals call “owlie” was very quiet when I arrived around 10:30 or so.  He slept for about an hour and a half, and then woke up and started moving around.  Making all kinds of faces, cocking his head back and forth with some attitude, making funny eye expressions, etc.  It was neat to watch.  Below is my favorite photo from the day.  Click the photo to see the whole gallery.

After visiting the great horned owl nest, I ventured over to the osprey nest I had been to the week before. I think the female must have been incubating, because she never left the nest. The male was flying around gathering soggy branches and weeds for the nest, but the female never left it. So she’ll probably be there for quite some time now. Below is my favorite photo of the osprey nest from that day. Again, click the image to view the whole gallery.

I’ll keep updating you with photos as time progresses with each of these nests. If you want to stay up to date with these, and with my blog in general, look for the subscribe button on the right hand column of this blog.