Fine Art Photography?

”Night Owl, doing fine art photography?  Really?”

Well, I’m starting to at least.  I’m not really sure it qualifies as fine art, but that’s where everyone else classifies things that don’t fit any other mold, so I’ll play along too.  Anyway, here is an image from the gallery.  Click the image to follow it to the whole gallery.  Right now I’d call the gallery the “Industry” gallery I think.  I dunno?  Tell me what you think of the gallery.  Is it fine art?  Do you like the images?  To much photoshoping?  Does the photoshoping enhance the images, or degrade them?

I’ve also uploaded a few new sunsets.  Hope you like them.  This one I captured while stalking a sunset on the way from one family gathering to another on the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I just spent a good half hour removing those power lines from the image, and then when I looked at it full size again, I didn’t like it with the power lines removed.  D’oh!  I don’t know why, but I really like this sunset.  Maybe because it’s so different with the silhouette of the railroad gate?  Anyway, click through the image to go to the full gallery.


Photo of the Month – Sunset

This sunset photo is not only my most popular sunset, but it’s one of my most popular images. I call it “Darkness Falls”. I personally like how creepy it looks, which is what led to the name. The name adds to that creepy feeling I think.

This image wasn’t planned, and as a matter of fact, it was taken in complete haste. I was driving to a friends annual “Harvest Party” in Elgin, in early November, and as I turned onto the street she lived on, I looked in my rearview mirror to see this beautiful sunset behind me. I slammed on my brakes, threw the car in reverse, sped backwards down her street until the street ended at a fence on the edge of a field. I knew I only had about 60 seconds before the sun was out of position for this awesome shot. I opened the trunk, hastily grabbed my camera with 50-500mm lens, changed my camera settings, ran into the field so I could frame the shot, and started snapping photos. About 2 minutes later, it was gone, so I continued on to the party.


 Darkness Falls


Sunsets are one of my favorite things to photograph.  Living in the midwest, some people think sunsets are bland, but I disagree.  You just need to be creative in how you setup the shot you want, and sometimes when you least expect it, a sunset jumps out at you, so you need to keep your camera in your car all the time.  I have many more sunsets in my galleries, so if you’d like to view them all, just follow the links below.  I hope you enjoy them!


Mitakuye Oyasin . . . . .


prattswaynewoods_05142009005-blogLast night after work, I went out to a location that I knew from years ago to try to capture more sunset photos.  What a beautiful evening it was.  When I arrived, I encountered many families of geese, with their cute babies in tow.  Took a few pictures of them for you.  At one point, I got a little to close and was charged by an adult goose.  From that point, I had to focus through my lens with my right eye, and watch the parents with my left eye.  🙂  I was also dive bombed by a tree sparrow for some reason?  I tried to capture him, but he was to close, and to fast for me to be able to focus on him. 


So as the evening progressed, I took many types of shots of the setting sun.  Experimenting with my camera settings for creative effects.  Tried to take some bracketed photos, but never did figure out how that works.  I really didn’t expect it to be that difficult to take a bracketed picture, but I guess I’ll have to read the manual.  (RTFM Rich!)  Oh yeah, and learn from my mistakes.  Don’t try to “manage” your images from your camera, while you’re still shooting.  You could end up deleting the best sunset you’ve ever taken by mistake, and not know it until you get home when you’re desperately trying to find that perfect image and it’s just not there!  (Yes, I tried recovery software, but it didn’t recover it.)  Anyway, due to my increased sense of perfection now days, I’ve only posted 3 new sunset images, but I think they’re pretty unique and I hope you like them. 


As I listened to the wind, and watched the sun set against the horizon, I had an idea for another photo, but I need a “couple” to create it.  Hmmmm?  I wonder who I could get to work on this project with me? 




After the sun set, I ventured off to take an environmental photograph.  It was quite a long drive, and it was in the middle of freakin’ nowhere, but at least I found it this time.  I tried to do this over a month ago, and couldn’t find the site.  The only problem is that the billowing smokestacks weren’t billowing?  Crap!  I see this plant with it’s billowing columns of smoke every time I got to my dads place, but now that I want to take a picture of it, it’s dormant.  I guess I’ll try again later.  It was nice to be so far out in the wilderness that I could actually “hear” nature though.  Oh!  And I could see so many stars!  I forgot how much you could see when you escape the light pollution of the city. 

Until next time . . . . .